ECCLESIA ORANS is five years old. That is not a long time, but it is sufficiently long to admit the possibility and justice of a criticai judgment.
With a certain amount of objectivity, one can say that the review has been scrupulously held to the course originally given it, even if at times this determination has been the source of misunderstanding. To be sure, it is not always possibile for everyone to understand at this time in our existence that one can pursue this sort of scientific research, research which has seemed to us indispensable and eminently pastoral. For many reasons, very seriously weighed, we do not envisage modifying the direction which the review has taken.
We remember with gratitude the many expressions of encouragement which we have received from our collaborators, as well as the interest they have so kindly shown in the work of the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, especially by suggesting the review of important articles. We are bound to express our gratitude as well to those who have generously assisted us and given us moral support. They recognize the importance and special character of the publication of the review, at a time which would seem opposed to such an effort.
Without doubt, there are certain aspects which need to be realized. For example, the recensions that we publish could be of great utility to former students who do not have at hand all the instruments they would like for their work. For this reason, we have appealed to our alumni who bave received the doctorate and requested that they make it known to us if they can submit book reviews. Such a collaborative effort would be gratefully received by all concerned.
Among the articles which will appear this year, we are happy to announce that of Professar Antoine Chavasse, who has graciously given us a long article of 75 typed pages on the chants, euchology and readings of Masses from the seventh and eighth centuries. He continues his generous contribution to our work by submitting this fascicle of particular interest. This year, in May, he will celebrate his 80th birthday. Many thanks to him.
As we begin our second five years of publication, we would like to get to know our subscribers better. Without changing the scientific character of ECCLESIA ORANS, we shall always be happy to receive suggestions from our readers. And without increasing the size of the review, which would add to the price of each issue, we shall stili endeavour to respond to their suggestions. We can only gain by establishing a concrete collaborative effort with our readers.
Thank you for the confidence you have shown us during the Iast five years, and thank you as well for the help you will give us in the future. We considere it highly desiderable that the names not only of well-known experts but of former students appear in ECCLESIA ORANS, which is, as it were, the voice of the Liturgica! Institute. It is both a joy and an honor for us to publish the work of former students.
Five years of publishing – this means thirteen issues containing aver fifty articles on the liturgy. Such an effort presupposes the modest, hidden and yet indispensable work of a team which deserves many thanks. To them and to all outside the Institute who encourage our work, a sincere thank-you.