With this issue we begin the ninth year of publication of Ecclesia Orans. We send our greetings to old and new subscribers in the hope that we will continue to serve their needs.
It may be of interest to pass in review some of the achievements of our journal in its endeavor to remain faithful to the prospectus set forth at its inauguration. This report takes account of the activities of Ecclesia Orans from June 1984 to the last number of 1990.
The journal has published 87 articles contributed by a total of 59 authors from outside Sant’Anselmo. To these must be added 22 articles written by professors of the Pontificai Liturgical Institute and 6 by professors in other faculties of Sant’Anselmo. There have also been 44 book reviews and 27 notices.
The total of the contributions thus reaches 159 in a variety of languages: 43 in Italian, 41 in French, 39 in English, 25 in German and 11 in Spanish. These contributions of our 7 4 collaborators are contained in 19 fascicles (2480 pages) of the journal.
As to the content of the articles, it is not always easy or feasible to classify precisely the subject matter; in fact many arguments pertain to several closely related fields. The assignments which follow are, therefore, approximative: 29 articles are theological in character, 21 historical, 17 literary, 2 pastoral, 4 artistic, l musical.
Without being triumphant, we can be well satisfied with such an achievement. What success there has been is due to those who are interested in the journal and we thank them and count on their continuing loyalty and good will which are essential for the existence of the journal.
I would also like to thank all those in the office of the journal who carry out in the background the labor essential for its publication. I would like to express my appreciation above all to the Secretary for his work which enables the fascicles of the journal to see the light. I also need to thank the publishing house which has printed Ecclesia Orans from its beginning in fine style.