It has now become customary for us to address you directly, dear readers, through this feature called Adnotationes, which, from the second issue of the Year 2013, purports to be an instrument for keeping you updated on developments and activities of the journal.

Scientific Committee

We would like, first of all, to welcome and express our gratitude to the members of the new external Scientific Committee constituted on 12 June last, for their availability to collaborate with Ecclesia Orans. Their contribution not only reinforces and supports the work of the Editorial Board but also guarantees a high scientific level of the articles published in journal. Further, the members of the aforementioned committee reflect the international character of the journal, whose scope is to engage different academic centres promoting liturgical science. In addition to the international catchment area of the committee, the diversity of skills and experiences of the members will enrich our review with insights drawn from the various sectors in which they operate.

Activities of the Editorial Board

On 17th October, 2014, the Editorial Board met to plan activities and to discuss various issues, such as the articles proposed for publication. Our website (, continually updated and accompanied by our twitter account (@Ecclesiaorans), furnishes information on the content of the volumes published thus far and keeps you abreast of the activities of the Editorial Board. We also provide some news on events, especially those related to the Pontifical Liturgical Institute (PIL).

Activities of the PIL

As already mentioned in the editorial of this volume, the Pontifical Liturgical Institute is intensifying preparations for the X International 308 Liturgical Congress on the Liturgy of the Hours, with the theme “Carmina Laudis: temporal response to the eternal”, to take place from 6th to 8th May, 2015. More information on this event can be found at the end of this issue. On Thursday 4th December, 2014, at 16:00, the Athenaeum of St. Anselm hosted a Study Day on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution on Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium. The event, entitled “So that the faithful may learn to offer themselves” (SC 48) and jointly organised by PIL, Centre for Liturgical Action and the Association of Professors and Scholars of Liturgy, was attended by many teachers, students and scholars of liturgy. Speakers included Prof. Franco Magnani, His Excellency Most Rev. Mons. José Manuel Garcia Cordeiro and Rev. Fr. Matteo Rus.

Subscription Renewal

Before concluding, we are pleased to inform you that with this second issue of 2014, the journal resumes its regular and timely publication. We thus invite you to renew your subscription for the Year 2015. Please, note the following:

 Annual subscription costs 50,00 €. Subscription can be paid directly to our publishing house by filling out the requisite form on their website:

 An alternative method is found on our website, where you will find two forms, one for ordinary subscription and the other reserved for students of St. Anselm; the latter will receive a 20% discount (40,00 € instead of 50,00 €).

Thank you for your loyalty to the journal!!

Assistant Editor