While the Pontifical Liturgical Institute is preparing for the XIII International Congress of Liturgy, which will take place from May 8th to 10th 2024, under the theme Councils, Synods, and Liturgy, the editorial team has completed the work to print this issue of our journal, which contains four studies covering a wide range of topics regarding liturgical spirituality, the Vigil of Pentecost in the Ambrosian rite, and issues of liturgical development both in general and in early Christian Egypt. Following these are two notes, a summary of the 1st study day of our magazine held on December 6th, 2023, on the topic of the Prayer of the Faithful, and finally, reviews and a list of received books intended to serve as a reference point for those interested in new publications in the field of liturgy and sacramental theology.
Please note that the lists of reviewed and received books are available for consultation on the website ecclesiaorans.com. It also provides summaries of all issues of the journal since 1984, the first year of its publication, as well as abstracts of published articles. Since 2017, thematic indices have also been available online. Simply click on the “Year” section and then choose the desired year. The editorial board and contributors of the journal are currently working to make the journal available for online purchase as well.

The Ecclesia Orans. Studi e Ricerche series

In 2022, the 7th volume written by our professor Cassian Folsom OSB titled The Liturgical Books of the Roman Rite, vol. 1, Books for the Mass was released. The book has been so successful that a reprint was necessary last year. Currently, volume 8 is being prepared, which will contain the contributions from the study day on the Prayer of the Faithful held on December 6th, 2023. The proceedings of the international congress in May 2024 will then be published in volume 9 of the series.

News from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute and from the Athenaeum S. Anselmo

A new initiative of the Athenaeum is the Forum Sant’Anselmo, which aims to be a privileged meeting place in Rome for anyone who desires it, in which it is possible to reflect on decisive themes concerning the dialogue between faith, culture, and personal experience, drawing from the rich and centuries-old tradition of Benedictine monasticism. The first meeting took place on January 22nd, 2024, under the theme Being Born in Times of Crisis: Theological and Philosophical Conversations. Speakers included Professor Dr. Pierangelo Sequeri (Milan) and Dr. Lucia Vantini (Verona). The second meeting occurred on March 5th, addressing Bread in the Wilderness: Thomas Merton and the Contemplative Understanding of the Psalms, with Professor Dr. Ludger Schwienhorst-Schönberger (Vienna) as the speaker. Additional meetings are scheduled for April 17th (The Joy of Random Study: Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Casey OCSO, Melbourne) and May 22nd (Imagining Mary: A Dialogue between Art and Theology: Sr. Dr. Linda Pocher, Rome, and Prof. Dr. Massimo Moretti, Rome). These meetings, open to everyone, take place in aula XI from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, followed by sung vespers in the basilica at 7:15 PM for those interested.
The doctoral students of the PIL gathered for the second session of their Laboratory on January 15th. Professor Dr. Andrea Grillo delivered a brief presentation on Synodality and Liturgy in preparation for the May Congress, followed by a discussion with the participants. Doctoral students specializing in Sacramental Theology were also invited to attend. The meeting concluded with the usual social gathering. The next Laboratory gathering is scheduled for Tuesday May 7th at 5:15 PM; young doctors from our faculty are also invited to attend.
On January 31st, the title of Emeritus Professor was conferred upon Professor Dr. Jeremy Driscoll OSB, Abbot of Mount Angel Abbey (USA), who has also taught at the PIL.
From February 6th to 9th, the plenary session of the Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments convened at the Vatican. Both the Secretary of the Dicastery, His Excellency Vittorio Viola OFM, and the Undersecretary, His Excellency Aurelio García Macías, are professors at the PIL. Additionally, the Magnificent Rector Professor Dr. Bernhard Eckersdorfer OSB, Emeritus Professor Dr. Jeremy Driscoll OSB, and Professors Dr. Pierangelo Muroni and Dr. Olivier-Marie Sarr OSB from our Athenaeum participated.
With the beginning of the second semester of the current academic year, a new Methodological Tutoring program began, coordinated by Professor Dr. Stefan Geiger OSB, assisted by Professors Dr. Natalia Aldana OSB (Italian/Spanish) and Dr. Showraiah Guvvala OSB (Italian/English). The tutoring offers both individual assistance by appointment every Wednesday and Thursday and thematic group tutoring. All information and booking details can be found on the website bit.ly/tutormet.
On February 15th, the Interfaculty Day took place with the theme The Symbol, organized by the three faculties of the Athenaeum. Coordination was led by the Faculty of Philosophy, with three sessions featuring different speakers from each discipline: Professor Dr. Philippe Nouzille OSB from the Faculty of Philosophy, Professor Dr. Claudio Ubaldo Cortoni OSB.Cam from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, and Professor Dr. Maria Giovanna Muzj from the Faculty of Theology.
From June 14th to 16th, the Progetto Sicilia will be held in Palermo. The Progetto Sicilia (3 ECTS) is a course within the study program of the “Art for the Liturgy” project offered to students enrolled in specialized courses in Architecture and Arts for the Liturgy, Art for Christian Worship, Tourist Guide, and Liturgical Music, as well as alumni of our Athenaeum and those interested in the theme.
Finally, we would like to announce the 2nd study day of our journal, scheduled for December 4th from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, with a reflection on the Penitential Act, for which we are currently finalizing the program. As with the Prayer of the Faithful, the Penitential Act can be approached from various perspectives: historical, pastoral, dogmatic, theological, liturgical, and spiritual. There will be a wide variety of short presentations lasting 15 minutes, and this time, we aim to allocate more time for discussion. Speakers will again include doctoral students and professors from the PIL, as well as international experts. All interested parties are invited to attend, with the option to participate either online or in person.

Our departed

On September 8th, 2023, in Perugia, at the age of 84, the sudden passing of Abbot Giustino (Vittorio) Farnedi OSB occurred. Professor Farnedi was among the founders of our journal, of which he also served as director from 1984 to 1989. He directed the Athenaeum’s library from 1971 to 1989, and throughout these years, he taught Latin Paleography at the PIL.
On December 7th, 2023, at the age of 95, Fr. Pius M. (Ramon) Tragan Colilles OSB returned to the Father’s house. For 25 years, he served as a professor of biblical exegesis at the Faculty of Theology and also taught at the PIL. He served as the magnificent rector of the Athenaeum from 1990 to 1997.

Episcopal appointment

On January 13th, the Holy Father appointed Dr. Justin Alexander Madathiparambil as the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Vijayapuram (India). Bishop Madathiparambil obtained his licentiate in Liturgy from the PIL in 2012.

Markus Tymister, Director