The second issue of 2019 completes the 36th year of Ecclesia Orans and the first year of the new directive team, of the Editorial Council and of the renewed scientific Committee.
Through a two-fold review system of submissions to our Editorial Board, the Journal sought to guarantee certified “first class” level of scientific work, considering in some cases that the research is in fieri,  and so different articles were conceived of as a necessary mallet to create the percussion to produce new notes, the first step towards harmony, which is decisive for the colligite fragmenta of liturgical research. For the second issue of the year, it is necessary to thank various authors, who, through their publications, have contributed to the growth of available data for the academic community, for scholars and for lovers of the liturgy.
The literary output of these past two years was enriched by numerous works of great value and use. Our commitment and those of academics, teachers and researchers who have reviewed the chosen publications, are a sign of the Editorial Board’s intention to offer to readers the most esteemed titles for a bibliographical update.

Activity of the PIL and the Editorial Board

News from the Journal

In 2018, during the annual commemoration of Sacrosanctum Concilium, dedicated that year to article 19, a detailed study by Dr. D. Locatelli and Prof. D. Jurczak OP was presented by the outgoing director of EO, Prof. P.A. Muroni, while Prof. M. Tymister, the new director, revealed the blueprint for the 2019 issue, giving thanks especially to Prof. Muroni and affirming his intention to continue the work of the Journal in continuity with the outgoing team and the founding principles of Ecclesia Orans.

EO/Studies and Research

The work on the series, Ecclesia Orans: Studies and Research, continues with the publication of the Acts of the 11th International Congress of Liturgy, Liturgy and Culture, held on 9-11 May 2019, edited by Professors F. Bonomo, S. Geiger OSB, D. Jurczak OP and F. M.T. Ryan OP, with the plan of including further works in the series. In particular, the next volume will see the publication of a doctoral thesis in Liturgy, defended at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, by Dr. Alain-Pierre Yao, titled, Les ‘‘Apologies’’ de L’Ordo Missae de la Liturgie romaine: sources – histoire – théologie.

Activities of the PIL

Some recent developments from the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy include the decision to redistribute the organization of studies and to offer to new students a Baccalaureate in Sacred Liturgy, which aims to guide students in the study of Liturgy through liturgical and theological formation, as well as the reading of ancient liturgical sources and writings of great authors of liturgical science. The SL.B. is structured in such a way that this period of study and examination fulfills the necessary requirements to proceed to the Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy. The Council of the Institute of the PIL has also appointed a commission to review the curricula for the Baccalaureate, the Propaedeutic Year, the Licentiate and the Doctorate in light of the guidelines of Veritatis Gaudium.
This year a selected number of professors and alumni of our Institute concluded work on the transcription of the Ordines Missae of medieval manuscripts for the project, Thesaurus Italiae Liturgicus. During this work, manuscripts were categorized by typology; the scholars involved curated the description and the transcription of the text of the Ordo based on the directions given by Prof. G. Baroffio in collaboration with the National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage and Buildings for Worship of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI).
On 21 February 2019, the book, La liturgia agli albori del XX secolo. L’opera pastorale del beato A.G. Longhin, Vescovo di Treviso, 1904-1936 (The Liturgy in the Early Days of the 20th Century: The Pastoral Work of Blessed A.G. Longhin, Bishop of Treviso, 1904-1936), by Msgr. L. Bonora, was presented. During the presentation, a speech was given by His Eminence, Cardinal P. Parolin, Secretary of State of His Holiness.
Even this year, our fruitful collaboration with the Liturgical Office of the Vicariate of Rome continues, particularly with the new edition of the three-year course, Liturgy for Pastoral Work, by Prof. G. Midili. Furthermore, from May through July 2019, the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy offered an intensive course, Training of Translators of Latin Liturgical Texts, addressed to a group of students selected by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. During the three months, participants attended lessons every morning on Mondays through Fridays, taught in English by professors of the Ateneo, while in the afternoons they undertook various translation exercises of liturgical books.
Around the same time, the intensive course in Architecture and Art for the Liturgy took place, organized in collaboration with the National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage and Buildings for Worship of the CEI and under the guidance of Architect G. Orlando. Taught in English, this course provided to students an introduction on fundamental issues regarding architecture, art, liturgy and music.
Lastly, we would like to remember that on 19 January 2019, Prof. O.-M. Sarr OSB, professor of Liturgy and former vice-director of Ecclesia Orans, was elected abbot of the community of Keur Moussa Abbey, near Dakar, in Senegal. Other than the election of Abbot Sarr, the Anselmian community rejoices also in the appointment of Prof. P.A. Muroni of the PIL, former director of Ecclesia Orans, as Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Urbaniana University.

Other News from the Ateneo

On 24 May 2019, the Very Rev. S. Visintin OSB, Rector of the Ateneo, was elected abbot of the monastery of Santa Maria di Praglia (Padua). To him goes our gratitude for all the work he has done for the Ateneo during his time in office and our best wishes for his new responsibility.
With the abbatial election of Rector Visintin and his resignation as the head of the Ateneo, on 1 July the Dean of Philosophy, Prof. Ph. Nouzille OSB, was appointed pro-rector. He was previously named vice-rector of the Ateneo on 14 June. The Grand Chancellor, the Rt. Rev. Abbot Primate G. Polan OSB has begun the work involved in the election of the next rector.
Also during the course of the year, Prof. S. Geiger OSB was named delegate and liaison to the Anselmian Student Community (Comunità Studenti Anselmiani or CSA). This year, Pope Francis has appointed three alumni of Sant’Anselmo as bishops, two of whom received their doctorates from the PIL: on 3 April, W.D. Gregory was named Metropolitan Archbishop of Washington, U.S.A., and on 17 July, H. Pinto Farias was named Bishop of the Diocese of Bonfim, Brazil. Likewise, the Rt. Rev. E. Varden OCSO – professor of the Faculty of Theology of Sant’Anselmo and until recently abbot of Mount St. Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire, England – was named the new Prelate Bishop of Trondheim, Norway. To them the Editorial Board of Ecclesia orans offers its best wishes for their ministry and service to the Church.
Lastly, we report that between 2018 and 2019, two classrooms of the Ateneo (Aula II and XI) were significantly renovated and modernized, with the installation of new seating and multimedia equipment in Aula XI.

In memoriam

From the index of the current year, two spaces can be found dedicated to the scientific works of Prof. R.F. Taft SJ, who died on 2 November 2018. Through the writings of Prof. S. Parenti, professor at the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Regensburg, and of Prof. G. Radle, of the Department of Theology of the University of Notre Dame, readers can reconstruct the commitment and zeal of this distinguished scholar, the depth and rich contributions which he imparted on to Faculties and students regarding the history of worship in the East and beyond, as evidenced by his monumental works.

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