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Year XL – 2023/2 Ch.M. O’Brien


««« Back to Index Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children, Another Look. Context, Text, Reception, and Evaluation, 279-305 Christopher M. O’Brien is a Ph.D. candidate at The Catholic University of America in Liturgical [...]

Year XL – 2023/2 E. Haslwanter


««« Back to Index Medicine of Immortality? Observations from a Catholic Perspective during the Covid-19-Pandemic, 249-278 Elias Haslwanter is university assistant (praedoc) at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna. [...]

Year XL – 2023/2 V. Ciarocchi


««« Back to Index Fondamento teologico della musica liturgica: il contributo di Joseph Ratzinger, 225-247 Valerio Ciarocchi, Ph.D, docente invitato di Musicologia Liturgica, Teologia Estetica e Catechetica presso l’Istituto Teologico “San Tommaso d’Aquino” [...]

Year XL – 2023/1 Abstract F. Dolbeau


Une catechese postbaptismale sur Dominus uobiscum François Dolbeau Abstract First edition of a latin catechesis, delivered to newly baptized. The preacher intended to comment the dialogue by which the canon of the [...]

Year XL – 2023/1 Abstract J.C. Martín-Iglesias


En torno a la autoría de la Benedictio lucernae (CPL 1217a) atribuida a Isidoro de Sevilla, con una nueva edición y traducción de la obra José Carlos Martín-Iglesias Abstract The Benedictio lucernae [...]

Year XL – 2023/1 Abstract M.S.C. Olver


The Epistle to the Hebrews in the Roman Canon Missae. Melchizedek and Other Features Matthew S.C. Olver Part two Abstract This article, which is divided into two parts, attempts to demonstrate within [...]

Year XL – 2023/1 Abstract L. A. Donahue


Presentation and Discussion of a Reformation-Era, Catholic, Vernacular Baptismal Rite in Germany in Manuscript Cgm 9509 Luke A. Donahue Part two Abstract In the first part of this paper, I presented my [...]

Year XL – 2023/1 Abstract Â. Cardita


La réforme restituée Ângelo Cardita Deuxième partie Abstract In order to deepen the requirement of ritual unity affirmed by Traditionis custodes, this study begins by offering a first approach to the place [...]

Year XXXIX– 2022/2 Abstract A.C. Stewart


The Baptismal Formula: a Search For Origins Alistair C. Stewart Abstract The origins of the baptismal formula found in fourth century eastern baptismal rites are explored. It is suggested that the formula [...]

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